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About Tuan

I am the second of three children of Vietnamese immigrants who came to the U.S. after the Vietnam War. My father came to the U.S as part of a military evacuation and was given the opportunity to learn English, go to college, marry my mother, and achieve the American dream of making his way into the the middle class.

I was born and raised in Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry. During college I was heavily involved in research and became a published author. After school I took a job in Houston as a chemist with Baker Hughes, an oil and gas services company. Two years ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream of living in the Bay Area by taking a transfer to be an account manager at an oil refinery in Martinez.

My time here has been immensely enjoyable and extremely eye opening. My job provided me with a good salary, and my peers and I are living comfortably. But when the subject of buying a house and starting a family came up, we were all at a loss. Even with our privileged jobs we could not see ourselves breaking into the high-priced Bay Area real estate market. It dawned upon me that if college educated engineers and chemists were struggling, the average blue collar worker must see no future in this world for them.

This is ultimately what my campaign is about: the lack of hope and opportunity for my generation and the despair we feel towards the future. Gone are the opportunities and avenues towards a middle class life. Insufficient is honest toil in providing a person with the means of supporting themselves. Unresponsive is the government in helping right these wrongs. I think it is time that We the People be heard and demand our rightful place at the table once again.

Committee to Elect Tuan Phan
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