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Collective Bargaining

The great middle class built by the FDR administration was in large part due to labor having an equal seat at the table with management, with one side not overpowering the other. Today unionization is at an all-time low of 7%, levels not seen since 1932.

When workers don't have a voice, management can cut half the workforce in order to meet some Wall Street metric to get their bonus or they can be forced to work in unsafe conditions or for pay that is insufficient to support a family. All of the earnings in a company get funneled to the executives and shareholders while the rest of the workers get shafted.

My last job was a hybrid of white and blue collar work in a refinery. While I and the other white collar workers were not unionized, every blue collar person was, and they were compensated fairly and were all able to support a family. This experience has made me appreciate the need for good blue collar jobs that’ll be the backbone of our economy.

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