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Medicare for All

We cannot have people live in fear of getting sick and going bankrupt or dying due to lack of care.

My father has diabetes and his insulin costs $1,000 a month. Our citizens are dying deaths of despair (suicide, overdose, and alcoholic liver diseases) at an unprecedented rate- it is currently the number two cause of death behind heart disease. An opioid epidemic is ravaging through our country, and I see needles on the ground every time I visit San Francisco.

All of these issues can be helped and overcome if we had universal access to health care. Mental health services can help combat homelessness and make our communities safer and more enjoyable to all. People can live their lives freely without being chained to their jobs for health insurance or dying prematurely from preventable diseases. Our society should be judged not on what the richest citizens' access to health care looks like but rather on the poorest.

Committee to Elect Tuan Phan
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